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The Magic That Is Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites we have today. And as expected, there are many reasons why people sign up for Facebook accounts; ranging from the sheer need to connect with friends and family to those looking for topical news, entertainment news and many more. Recently, there has been a surge in a special group of Facebook users –those looking for information on specific products and services. The trend has seen a corresponding increase in the number of digital marketing agencies or firms now focusing on this social media platform to create awareness on particular products or services as well as help retain customers. Whether you have an e-commerce store like this led tape site or this luxury scented candles retailer, or run a more traditional business like Evolvmd clinic or this roll compactor equipment manufacturer does, social media is going to be key to your success. But the question remains; just how effective is Facebook marketing? Read this article by Graeme Winchester a Facebook Marketing pro and these market research experts to find out.

One of the reasons why Facebook remains the go-to online platform for your marketing campaigns is the huge number of users worldwide. With over 1.18 billion daily active users, you already have a head-start as far as marketing your products or services is concerned. As already mentioned, these users are not all here for entertainment or reconnecting purposes; there is a considerable number of them genuinely looking for a product they cannot readily find in other online retail outlets. And perhaps one great thing about it all is that this number is always on the increase, making the prospect of leveraging these users even greater.

Another great thing to remember is that an average Facebook user spends about 50 minutes of their waking time on Facebook. That is a remarkable duration of time for any online marketing campaign to succeed.

Carl Larson from the social media marketing pros at Viral Media Boost notes “If we were to crunch the numbers a bit and express everything in terms of the actual time unit that these users spend active on an average day, that would work out as about [50 x 1.18 billion] minutes. Clearly, even if only one tenth of these people are on Facebook looking for products or services, isn’t that enough incentive to start a marketing channel via the platform?”

Grace Lee runs the marketing for this bathroom radiators site and these Warrington hairdressers notes “If the above facts and statistics do not move you, perhaps it might interest you to know that only 45% of firms and companies around the world think of Facebook as a great social media marketing channel. This basically means the medium remains largely untapped.”

Therefore, the question as to whether Facebook marketing would work for your firm is a foregone conclusion; it is just a matter of setting up a marketing channel on the platform and all your marketing woes are as good as addressed.